If you have a small dog that goes on papers or pee pads, you will want to use the Potty Rink. I just got one about three weeks ago.  Macy, our little chinese crested rescue uses the Potty Rink and now we don't have any more run over messes. I love this thing...it keeps everything neat and clean. - Chris B., Maryland

My two puppies love the Potty Rink, they are both trained and have no accidents. -
Peg B., Brookfield, IL

I've just about trained four chihuahua puppies in 3 days using the Potty Rink. I love it! -
Amy H., Iron Range, MN

The Potty Rink is very easy to set up, keep clean and travel with. My chihuahua knows where he can go potty when I'm not home.  It's comforting to know that he never has to wait and compared to other products, the high walls really helped him know exactly where to go. -
April R., Corpus Texas

I love that I do not need  tools to set the Potty Rink up and that it's easy to clean with wipes as needed. It's portability is fantastic! -
Vera, Florida
I absolutely love my new Potty Rink. Thanks mom! ~ Zoey
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All products made of recycled materials right here in the USA. Veteran Owned Business,
All Products Made of Recycled Materials Right Here in the USA